Tile Effect Metal Roofing Sheets (Manufactured to Order)

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Tile Effect Metal Roofing Sheets are manufactured to order, the maximum practical length is around 5 metres, otherwise lifting & fitting the sheets becomes impractical and risks damage to them. 

These are manufactured out of 0.5mm gauge, Steel which has been coated in "Plastisol", which has a leather grain finish to the exterior, flashings (barge / ridge / drip are available to match)  which with correct maintenance will give a life of 25 years + 

These sheets are the same profile as you would see on the majority of the metal roof's you can see up and down the the seaside towns & country on Static Caravan's, but other uses are domestic housing, shed roof's, garage roofing, gazebo roofing, and much more! 

The cover width of the sheets is 1100mm

Tile Pitch / Length 350mm

The sheets can be manufactured to a maximum length of 6000mm (6 metres) 

Gauge of Steel 0.5mm, this enables the sheets to be comparitively lightweight, but still exceptionally strong & of course completely weatherproof, as in many uses of the tile effect roofing sheets weight can give cause for concern. 

Colours available - TERRACOTTA & ANTHRACITE 

Delivery is available within 7 - 10 days 

Complementary products available : 

Foam Fillers : Ridge Flashings : Barge Flashings : Fixings : Butyl Tape 

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to obtain GRP Rooflights in this profile. 


The sheets can be secured to TIMBER, LIGHT SECTION STEEL or HEAVY SECTION STEEL purlins. 

The sheets need to be correctly positioned, and secured from ridge to eaves, the sheets should be aligned square on to the ridge, instead of parallel to the gable. They need to be secured using self drilling fasteners, using 45mm Timber fixing, or 32mm Light Section fixings, 38mm Heavy Section Fixing as a minimum, each with a EPDM sealing washer, of 16mm. (all of which are available directly from stock) 

To calculate the minimum fixings required, a guide would be to work on six per m2  of tiled sheet area, this is really dependant on the location of the sheets in respect of high wind, obviously the more fixings used, the more secure the sheets will be. Butyl Tape can used for the side laps, and stitching screws to secure sheet to sheet. 

Colour caps are available, or colour moulded fixings can be purchased to match the sheet colour & protect the head against the elements. 


To secure the ridge section, we recommend you use self drilling stitching screws, with either a moulded coloured head or a matching colour cap. If desired a foam filler can be placed under neath the ridge, on the top of the sheet and held in place with some tape / sealant. 

Obviously all fitting must be done in accordance with Health & Safety guidelines, and if you are uncertain please consult an expert. 


Also see our sister site www.tileeffectmetalroofingsheets.com

These sheets are easily transported via pallet carrier, obviously we struggle in the further flung corners of the UK not through choice but sadly the Pallet Carriers don't seem to like Devon, Cornwall, Scottish Highlands & Lowlands, and Off Shore Islands - these aren't impossible destinations just a tad pricey, please do call for details though, we only charge what we are charged, and do shop around for you. 

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