Anti Condensation (Box Profile) Roofing Sheets

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Anti Condensation Backed Box Profile Roofing Sheets - Single Skin 

  • Standard sheet gauge are either 0.5mm or 0.7mm subject to coil availability. 
  • Fleecy anti condensation liner is adhered when the sheets are rolled. 
  • Wide range of standard colours including - Goosewing Grey, Merlin Grey, Black, Vandyke Brown, Wedgewood Blue, Juniper Green, Moorland Green, Olive Green, Slate Blue, Terracotta, White, Ocean Blue. 
  • Finishes for the coloured sheets can be Polyester (painted) or Plastic Coated (Plastisol)
  • Fixings available to stitch sheet to sheet, and secure to Purlin. (Light Section, Timber or Heavy Section) 
  • Currently only available as 32/1000 Profile (drawing below)
  • These sheets are lighter than Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets making them much easier to handle on site. 
  • We can manufacture to order, we can roll any length (practical to handle of course!) Call for details 01476 563666
  • Dripping normally occurs from the metal roofing sheets when the temperature changes outside. The fleecy membrane absorbs the condensation, thus stopping the dripping effect. Once the building is relatively well ventilated during the day, the fleecy membrane will dry out, and again the cycle will continue. 
  • Condensation can cause damage to stored goods, and materials, decrease the buildings insulation capabilities and can cause damage to the roof, such as frost, & accelerating rust. 
  • Obviously for the liner to work effectively it must be installed correctly, we always provide instructions, and there needs to be some air circulation (ventilation) present to enable the fleecy membrane to dry out. 
  • It is very important not to store these sheets outside, as they do absorb  moisture in the atmosphere! 

Profile Drawing:



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